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Vb Nova Modifications and Add-Ons

avatar1_1-gifNova Awards
Brought to you by the vB Nova Team at

What it does
Adds: a Page to the ACP allowing you to add and take away awards, a moderator/admin page that allows you to give awards, a table in the member profile with a mod only take away button.

Installation instructions
Upload the contents of upload and import the xml. No template edits needed. Add-on mods coming soon.

Feedback is welcome.

User Management in Postbit and Profile v2

Well, first off, a big thanks goes out to UltimateOreo! for coming up with this mod,but I made a somewhat………..for lack of a better word, neater version.

Also, to the staff and anyone else concerned, yes, I got his permission to post this re-write up.

This version, instead of adding directly to the postbit layout, I have it in the postbit in the users dropdown menu. Screenshots will posted later to clarify this a little more.


What this does:

This hack basically allows you to easily manage a user right from the postbit and profile, and guess what? No need for searching! The code allows you to click the option you need, and it will pinpoint whichever user you clicked it on.


Make each option setting controlled by vbulletin options in the admincp



This has been tested on vBulletin Version 3.6.4 and 3.6.5. It should run on previous versions just the same but support will be given only for versions 3.6.4-3.6.5. Also, support will only be given to those that have clicked Install


User Management in Postbit for vBulletin 3.6.4 is available Here

User Management in Postbit Legacy for vBulletin 3.6.4 is available Here

This modification is and will remain free to the public but feel free to Donate.

KMout Control Panel

The DBSniffer lets you login your phpmyadmin and only browsing around your tables. Giving you the same or almost the same amount of information your phpmyadmin does as far as tables go.

Although your limited to what you can do with this mod, it can be very handy as far as quick information goes for some or most web application developers, dishing out the infos your hunting without click here and click there to find out a table ID or so on.

I really hope you enjoy this and consider a rep if you like it. Thanks and support will be available on the new community and new name, Kotton Mouth Developments.


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